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About Urinals

When urinals are properly installed, cleaned and maintained the chances of them becoming blocked or smelly is very much reduced. However, even with the best cleaning and maintenance regimes it is not possible to completely eliminate the chance of urinals giving grief at some point.

The main problems are:

  • Odours

  • Blockages

What causes odour problems?

  • The  most common cause is a failure to clean effectively. Key problem areas are:

    • the undersurfaces of the urinals where urine drips and splashes can accumulate and become stale. 

    • tile grout, external surfaces of urinal traps

    • past "overflow" problems becoming ingrained in the fabric of the building

  • The use of inappropriate cleaning materials.


What causes blockage problems?

  • A lack of regular maintenance, for example:

    • traps not regularly checked for

    • stack pipes not regularly cleaned.

  • Use of inappropriate cleaning materials.

  • Misuse

    • e.g. chewing gum, paper,etc dropped into the urinal.

  • Build up of pubic hair.

  • Waste pipe runs are in close proximity to hot water pipes or other heat sources.

  • Poorly installed or poorly configured waste pipes

    • Negative fall on the pipes (i.e. pipes run uphill at some point between the urinal and the main stack. 


Waterless Urinals

Waterless urinals perform equally as well as, if not better than, flushed urinals.

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